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Inventory Software: QuickBooks

     Point of Sale typically consists of software and hardware components including: a cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code scanner, and a magnetic-strip reader for processing credit card payments.

     You can use Point of Sale as a standalone tool, but its competitive advantage is its integration with QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premiere 2002. A setup assistant helps you establish global system preferences and import your up-to-date data (customers, vendors, and inventory items) from QuickBooks.

      Point of Sale supports four global price levels for inventory items: regular, sales event, employee, and wholesale. Purchasing and receiving functions to track the inventory you purchase also make your life a little easier. Reports cover functional overviews of your compiled data like sales and purchasing journals. It is also possible to generate reports that show the best-selling items, customer sales, performance of sales associates, and other analysis features.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic Features

QuickBooks - the sheer name of it says it all and is enough to put a smile across the face of thousands of people who are, let's say, not one of life's natural "number crunchers". QuickBooks really can help to make life easier and take the toil out of bookwork. We're not all nuts about numbers are we, and with QuickBooks accounting and inventory management software you can be more organized, save lots of precious time (remember, it's called QuickBooks), keep a track on sales and expenses and keep a great set of records for when your favorite time of year comes around, no, I'm not talking about birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving, I'm talking about . . . Tax Time! Let's face it; Tax Time is about as popular with many people as Thanksgiving is to turkeys.

So what's all the fuss about QuickBooks? Can it really help to make life easier and business run more smoothly? Is it really more powerful than aspirin at fighting number pain? Yep, it sure is. So who might need QuickBooks?

QuickBooks - Who Needs It

Mr or Mrs "I Know Nothing About Accounting" - you need QuickBooks. Many small business owners know lots about what they're doing in business (hopefully), you know, plumbing, gardening or baking cakes, but they know absolutely nothing about the book work which inevitably goes with it. QuickBooks is perfect for this type of business owner, all you've gotta' do is enter the sales and expenses and QuickBooks will do the rest of it.

Mr or Mrs "Hey, I'm Getting Along Just Fine Without It" - okay, so you may think that you've got the job well organized and QuickBooks isn't for you, but let me stop you there for one small minute (why did I say that, a small minute, there ain't no such thing as a small minute, they're all the same size, anyway, back to the plot) - if you're doing your accounts and inventory management manually, or using spreadsheets, then this accounting software can save you a serious amount of time . . . time which could be spent doing more plumbing, gardening, baking more cakes or even enjoying the weekend with your family . . . you might even get home in time for dinner once in a while.

Mr or Mrs "I Don't Have the Time to Set It All Up and Learn New Ways" - are you a little bit set in your ways? A little bit!! It does depend on the type of business accounting software you decide on, but very often with QuickBooks it only takes a few clicks before you're on your way, and there's plenty of expert help on hand if you need it.

Mr or Mrs "My Company Is So Small I Don't Need It" - even if you're the original "one man band" (or "one woman band" . . . you've gotta' be so careful these days) - it really does help if your financial records are kept up to date and well organized. QuickBooks can help you to do that.

Mr or Mrs "Tax Time Is Still Gonna' Be Trouble" - well, I'm not denying that, I mean, we've already spoken about how popular Tax Time is . . . especially to small business owners. At least if you've got QuickBooks it'll be a lot more bearable, you'll have all of the reliable records you need to fill in your tax forms with ease.

QuickBooks really can help, no matter how large or small your business, no matter whether you work in the service sector, retail sales, manufacturing and wholesale, QuickBooks can help.

QuickBooks For Manufacturing & Wholesale or Retail Businesses

QuickBooks Premier (there are different grades of QuickBooks accounting software, the one you'll need depends on the type and size of your business), anyway, QuickBooks Premier is the perfect choice for manufacturing ,wholesale and retail business operators, with loads of useful features to help with inventory management.

* Track inventory recorder - QuickBooks makes it simple to track inventory reorder point by vendor, setting your own optimal inventory levels, and you can quickly and easily run a report to show which items need to be re-ordered.

* Create bill of materials - which will track the cost of materials, overheads and labor. It also keeps a track of "work in progress" during the manufacturing process.

* Profitability by product - QuickBooks makes it easy to see at a glance which products are making the money, and which ones ain't. You'll soon figure which products need to be promoted and kept in stock and which ones need to be dropped.

* Track sales by product - do you already know which products generate the best sales for any given month, year, quarter? Well, you will with QuickBooks.

* Track sales orders by customer - any open orders can be tracked by customer to make sure that your most important clients get the stuff they need . . . pronto!

* Adjust the price levels - custom price levels for individual customers are an important part of business, and QuickBooks takes all of that into consideration meaning that you can set custom prices for individual items for different jobs and clients.

With all of these terrific inventory management features, no wonder so many businesses are letting QuickBooks take the headache out of their accounting system.


Automatically tracks inventory as you ring sales


Track customer information and purchase history


 Create barcode tags

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro Features


Advanced inventory management tool


Automatically generate and e-mail purchase orders


Powerful pricing features and customization options


Manage up to 10 stores from one location



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